Numbers And Letters – Tell Me (Official Music Video)

The song is “Tell Me” from Numbers And Letters’ album “Guns Under Water.”

The video is directed by director/animator/designer Peter Szewczyk, whose VFX work was featured in “Harry Potter,” “Star Wars” and “Avatar.” He directed award-winning short films “Our Lady Of Lourdes” and Sitges Jury Prize honored “ColourBleed.”

Our wandering man is actor Josh Mann, who recently appeared in SXSW pick “Before I Disappear”; the sleeping man/myth is our wonderful, random friend Eric LaCombe, a designer and motion graphics artist for Cartoon Network.

I’m reforming the group (looking for love!) since moving to Los Angeles, and I’m releasing a new track “Sad Ocean Song” next month.

“Guns Under Water” goes on sale digitally

Our new album “Guns Under Water” officially hits stores on April 8. If you’re lucky, you’ll get it a week earlier: pre-orders for vinyl (that’s right, vinyl) and CD will get early and free downloads!

Head to our Bandcamp page for more pre-order info.

Listen to “Don’t Say It Was Me”

In a poll that lasted a day, I gave you the choice between hearing a murder waltz or a sad bastard of a tune. Because you’re sick, you chose murder.

So here’s some murder (and some pedal steel) for ya. “Don’t Say It Was Me” is on “Guns Under Water,” out next month.


Numbers And Letters on Live From The Barrage

Numbers And Letters on Live From The Barrage

Live From The Barrage is a very funny podcast from New York’s John Houlihan, Patrick Walsh (who are also in awesome band Risk/Reward) and more, and they’re broadcasting N&L’s song “Broken Road” live on the show, starting at 8pm EST. If you miss it, you can always check out their archives.


Broken Road Lyric Video (or Kitten, Sex, Fail: SEO-Friendly)

Numbers And Letters’ song “Broken Road” from the album “Guns Under Water.”

This lyric video was designed to make use of the three of the most popular SEO-friendly terms: “kitten,” “sex” and “fail.” They are among the internet collective’s favorite things to search for. At times, they are interchangeable, full of meaning and without meaning. Congratulations, us.

This video was made possible through Creative Commons-licensed content and the contributions of Numbers And Letters fans. Cats cats cats

Numbers And Letters is Katie Hasty. Musicians: Katie Hasty, Matt Hankle, Clifton Hyde, Justin Keller, Joe Lops, Peter Maness, Jesse Selengut, Stefan Zeniuk. Mixed by Mike Bridavsky, mastered by Josh Bonati.

food porn: Muffet
It’s just fruit!: Pdknox
‘Fail’ Parking Meter: millermz
broken phone: Solarbotic…
cigarettes: Mark Turnauckas
hockey: pthread 1982
cupcake: jamiesrabbits…
cars wrong way: thienzieyung…
stop no stop fail sign: Doug Beckers…
Failed Attempt at Something: slam szapucki
Waaah: Micah Sittig

Contributions from the Freedom Porn, which seeks to “empower and engage individuals to create and share ethical porn as a means of advancing sex-positivism and sexual freedom.”

Reddog11223 – April’s Anus Before Sex
xmm – Nude male standing outside
DeviantHenry – Femme_bondage_-_Underbust_corset_-_Femme­_tease
Volodya – rubber and water pressure
RioTDoll – Shower
J_Ortiz – Erection development

Thanks to:
Erika Lust’s “The Good Girl”
Russ Fischer
Jonathan Hanson
Farron Kilburn and Samuel L. Catson and Olivia
Darrin Frew and Jessington Stanley, Cat Esquire
Lee Hasty, KC the Cat and Dixie
Greg Osisek and Mr. Zebo M. Kittyface, Esq.
Kathy Hasty and Kippy
Taylor Miller and Louie
Dale W. Miller
Kristen Law and Lil Edie and Bunny
Mike Bridavsky and Lil Bub
Joe Cicero and Marley

Merry Christmas 2012: Lo, How A Rose E’er Blooming

Happy holidays, friends. For the seventh year and a row, here’s a home recording of a Christmas song from Numbers And Letters, just in time for the big day.

I’ve always loved the structure of “Lo, How A Rose E’er Blooming,” with its breaths and the crescendo from a timely birth to life and love everlasting. “Dispels with glorious splendor / the darkness everywhere… and lightens ever load.” What a time, we live in, where daily we feel our burdens.

This was recorded out of my house in Austin, my first Christmastime in the city. It was done in the office, sort of acoustically unpredictable and old. I hope you enjoy it.

Cat photos

Fans: I want your cat photos for a N&L video project. They must be YOUR photos (and not procured from other corners of, say, the internet) and, given I have your permission, your Snookipuss may be internet-famous.

Email them to katie (at) numbersandlettersmusic (dot) com