“Tell Me”: First single from Numbers And Letters’ album

Tell-Me-coverToday is the day that Numbers And Letters’ “Tell Me” has been unleashed! Like a cat that’s been on leash!

You can purchase the song at the stores below, stream it at the link below, and can download it free with the widget below. Anyway you want it, that’s the way we weave it.

You’ll notice that “Stacks and Stacks” — a teaser released in August — is now available to stream in various places, too. And you can finally see that tracklist.

The artwork for “Tell Me” and what will be the final artwork for “Guns Under Water” is by Josh Levitt. You can see many of his wonderful graphic works at The Restive.

The Christmas song this year has been selected and will debut some time before Dec. 20, stay ‘tooned.

Buy “Tell Me”:
eMusic (coming soon)


“Stacks And Stacks” unleashed!

The whole album has been mixed. I’m moving to Austin in three days. We’re having a show in two days. Life is changing.

To celebrate, here is the first song to arrive from Numbers And Letters’ album “Guns Under Water”: “Stacks And Stacks.”

Numbers And Letters teaser trailer

And an album title announcement.

Be gentle, it’s my first iMovie.

Moving N&L HQ from Brooklyn to Austin

I’m in the homestretch of my permanent New York run: On Sept. 1, I will be moving to Austin, Texas after 8 long years in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Numbers And Letters will continue on, in a new formation, just as the MO of the band has been a number of different formations. Pete, Joe, Clifton, Zach, Justin and all the guys I’ve ever played with here will keep doin’ their thing in other projects and groups, and I wish them love and luck.

Meanwhile, I’m starting to reach out to various Austin-area musicians who love to scare The People with weird folk-rock and Americana. Any connections are welcome.

For now, there’s just a couple notes: Mike Bridavsky has finished mixing four tracks, and will start in on six more in just a couple of weeks. I’m finishing recording with Clifton, special guest Ward Williams and others in the coming days.

Numbers And Letters’ farewell-to-New-York show will be on Wednesday, Aug. 29 at Sycamore, in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. This was the site of one of our very favorite, all-time best shows. More details to come.

Much love, Katie

Mix master Mike

We’re excited that Mike Bridavsky of Russian Recording is going to start mixing the Numbers And Letters album this week! Mike is based out of Bloomington, Ind., has a famous cat, and has had his hands all over impressive recordings from Magnolia Electric Co., Murder By Death, Rogue Wave and other bands that we at N&L have long loved and admired.


Numbers And Letters rooftop, with Stefan Zeniuk

Numbers And Letters rooftop, with Stefan Zeniuk

Stefan Zeniuk helped out on “Broken Road” with his flame-o-phone during N&L’s rooftop gig on June 23, 2012.

We’re on Spotify

Better late than never, folks: Numbers And Letters’ EP is now up on Spotify, so you can add it to your playlists!

All in prep for the damn album. Joe Peretore’s working hard on mixes, we’re re-doing some vocals, life is happenenig.